Resort and Travel magazine joins with Calendar magazine to bring you. The best restaurants with 5 Star awards in your city and a modern mobile design for stunning interactive travel articles.

Presents the "best of the best" as nobody wants "not so good".

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  Millions of research dollars have been spent by Google and other major search sites to ensure a positive mobile experience. Why? Actually, it is obvious just look around you. Mobile is today the most used way to search for everything!

  Your new mobile design was designed based on our mobile experience to match the most effective research to bring you and your customers the most positive mobile experience even while driving. It is proven that on average you have less than six seconds to hold a customer's attention.


  The design you now have with this offer is virtually guaranteed to make your customers come back satisfied many times on mobile and even refer your business to their friends.  

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  To celebrate we are offering our advertisers both old and new a unique offer. This one-time only offer gives you a very low rate to combine both Resort and Travel's readers with Calendar Magazine's audience for one low introductory price.


  The normal monthly rate for Calendar Magazine is $275 and Resort and Travel is $975. We want you to experience the power of our mobile design for your business and the customer acquisition power of our publications.  


  Combined you would pay $1,250 for just one month. With this offer, you pay a total of $97 for both magazines, plus your business mobile design and hosting for three full months is also included. This is a limited-time offer and you must accept your invoice from this page ONLY.


  You will save  $1,150 now!  To take advantage of this 3-month limited-time offers for just $97 click Invoice Page below.

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